Water Resource Management

Water and its management is becoming the hottest topic for environmentally aware companies.    McCarthy is leading the way in innovative solutions for water use and conservation.  We can help you with your water project, from design to coordination with regulatory agencies, including the PADEP, local municipalities, and interstate authorities such as the Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) and the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC). Here are some recent projects where creative design and experienced engineering allowed our clients to meet regulations and help to conserve water and energy.

Don’t Let It Run Off---Re-Use It!

A site design that included underground storm water retention became an innovative solution for reusing this resource as a source of irrigation for a commercial landscaping project.  The original site design consisted of a multiple lot subdivision where several commercial properties use underground cisterns that overflow into underground retention.  A relatively simple design created by the McCarthy team added a series of sensors and a pump to allow the utilization of the water in the underground retention basin for irrigating landscaping around the properties.

Former Apple Orchard Recaptures Land Value

Agricultural land that was impacted through many years of fertilizer application and no longer usable because of the possibility of arsenic-laden runoff became a 500 home subdivision.  A site design was completed in multiple phases and provided for the capping and permanent storage of impacted soils on the site, making sure that through the life of the project, impacted, arsenic-laden soils were separated from storm water best management practices, improving water quality and reducing runoff volume.   

Urban Shelter Housing Project Keeps Cool

McCarthy provided design and construction administration of the site work for a new LEED-certified women’s shelter building in an urban setting.  Benefits to the LEED certified design included using design elements to minimize the “urban heat island effect” by maximizing shade on parking areas through appropriate use of plant materials.  McCarthy also provided design to improve the quality of storm water runoff by utilizing best management practices to remove pollutants.

Student Housing Apartments Get Functional Green Solution

An improperly functioning infiltration basin serving a student housing apartment complex needed a “functional green” solution.  McCarthy designed a basin and system  using best management practices as well as improving an existing facility that was not providing appropriate infiltration.  The McCarthy team was able to rework the provided design “on the fly” to save time and money.

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